Friday, October 12, 2012


OK, and a fanny pack and side tote bag but  still---3 weeks and a temperatures range between 28C in Hong Kong and 8C in Beijing—means I’m travelling LIGHT and highly challenged to do so.  I’ll be washing clothes in hotel sinks and disposing/buying new on the road. Clothes and shoes are very cheap in China-regardless, it's far preferable to dragging a pack of dirty laundry on planes, trains and boats across a large country.
FANNY PACK:  wallet with health insurance card, drivers license and business cards (gold when meeting people in foreign countries especially Asia), passport, tickets, hand cream, earplugs, sleeping mask, iPod, iPod earphones and charger , lip gloss, lipstick ,hair pick, money belt with cash, medium binderclip (useful in so many situations), hand sanitizer. Yes this is a big fanny pack!
small pen , camera plus 8 spare batteries (my camera EATS batteries) and spare memory card, inflatable pillow, travel book on China, bottled water , protein bar , apple,  laptop and power cord, keychain(with mini flashlight, bottle opener/usb drive, caribiner clip and wrist loop),  small pkg of hand wipes , sunglasses and case,  stretchy mitts (sometimes I freeze on planes and Beijing will be @8C during the day and below freezing at night)
black bandanna (multiple uses)
Copy of tickets, itinerary and passport, hand wipes, combo compass/flashlight/flint/mirror
flip flops in Ziploc bag (for germy shower floors)
box of protein bars (for when my meal is looking back at me)
door stopper (safety measure- many foreign hotel door locks are questionable)

CLOTHES: spare bra, 4 undies, 5 socks, 2 t shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts , my “Travelling Pants” jeans, capri/full leg convertible cotton pants, black wide-brimmed sunhat, black toque
TECH BAG: cigarette lighter charger for laptop, universal adapter/converter, universal card reader
TOILETRY BAG: Concealer,  BB cream , night cream, baby oil , facial wipes, travel sized shampoo and conditioner , hand sanitizer,  2 hair clips , 10 elastics, mini hairbrush , Moroccan Oil hair treatment, eyeliner , 2 eye shadows, body cream,  toothbrush and paste, razor and blades, tampons, condoms, QTips, deodorant, tweezers, small hotel soap for laundry, travel sunscreen, travel bug spray, travel perfume
MED BAG: Airborne immunity tabs, Advil, Cipro, Gravol , ginger drops, Imodium , allergy meds, Reactine, asthma puffer, First Aid pack, travel Polysporin, spare medium and small Ziploc bags for various uses
AND MS PURDY WILL BE WEARING:  black yoga pants, thermal tank top, black high zipneck thermal running top, black hoodie, rainjkt, wool socks, trail running shoes, wide fabric hairband, black stud earrings, divers watch

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  1. wow im impressed.. I cant go overnight with that little amount of luggage lol not that i end up using anything i bring ..and you've managed to bring it all ! I hope youre having fun !